Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thumbelina May Redublo

Age: 30
Job: Waitress
Location: Somewhere in San Francisco


Thumbelina May Redublo or TM, as what most of her friends call her, worked as an encoder for several years in the Philippines before she had an opportunity to seek for greener pastures.

Armed with a tourist visa, TM went to the US with the sole intention of working there.

"Di bali na akong mahuli doon, at least nakaapak ako sa Amerika,” says TM, who was one of the recipients of the amnesty program. She now has a legal working visa and can roam around the US without fears of getting apprehended by the police. The amnesty program is given to immigrants annually, this type of program allows US to collect taxes from people like her.

Although she had a good job here in the Philippines, her income then was just enough for herself. She wanted to help her family, allow her younger siblings to study and build a new house for her parents.

TM came from a middle class family in Laguna. Her parents own a few hectares of land planted with corn. The plantation made it possible for her to study and work in Metro Manila. Being one of the eldest, TM had to help her parents send her younger siblings to school.

“Siyam kaming magkakapatid, pangatlo ako. Kailangan kong magsikap para magkaroon ng magandang buhay.”

Five years after setting foot on the land of milk and honey, TM was able to send money to build a new house for her parents and allow two of her siblings to finish college. They are now working as encoders on the company where TM used to work. And who knows, they too, can follow the footsteps of their older sister.

TM Redublo, a proud ate and an obedient daughter.


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