Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WILSON NG (CEBU, Philippines)

Ng Khai Development Corporation’s story begins in Cebu, fueled by a man whose passion for computers matched his drive to become a successful entrepreneur.

Wilson Ng
was born in 1965 to a Filipino-Chinese family. Ng says he has three passions in life: business management, learning and writing, and computer technology. As a young boy, Ng already knew he would become an entrepreneur. At the age of nine, he was already helping in the family’s food business. Ng discovered his passion for computers while taking up business management in the University of the Philippines in Cebu. When he graduated from college, he followed his heart and worked as a programmer in Taiwan. However, Ng had to temporarily shelve his IT career when his father passed away in 1989, leaving him in-charge of their food business.

Being a dutiful son, he took over the family business but could not shake off his IT dream. When he was able to turn over the management of the family business to his sister in 1992, Ng’s brainchild was born. The company was named Ng Khai Development Corporation in honor of his late father.

Ng Khai initially started as a computer software company. To cater to the increasing demands of its customers, Ng Khai broadened its product base to become Cebu’s one-stop shop for integrated IT business solutions. It offered a vast array of IT products ranging from computer hardware, software, software development, web development services, training, networking, and systems integration. Ng Khai eventually became the recognized and preferred local systems integration company in Cebu and Northern Mindanao.

Over the years, Ng Khai has grown to keep up with the dynamic IT industry. Ng Khai now employs over 120 IT professionals to service its growing clientele. The business caters primarily to the Visayas and Northern Mindanao areas. It has a coordinating office in Manila and contracts with companies in the United Kingdom, US, and Japan.

Ng Khai has partnered with global IT brands such as Canon, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle to ensure the premiere quality of the services and equipment it gives its customers. Ng Khai is the only Microsoft Large Account Reseller in the South, and is the exclusive Visayas distributor of 3M Visual products.

Through the efforts of Ng Khai, Wilson Ng hopes to help improve the Southern Philippines’ economy by making it attractive to investors as outsourcing sites. He firmly believes that young Filipino professionals outside the National Capital Region should have equal opportunities to work in their provinces and not have to go to Manila or overseas to find suitable employment.

Ng has also established e*Sprint Software, a spin-off that produces business management solutions for small and medium companies here and abroad. e*Sprint has recently entered into a joint venture with Innovista Technologies in Manila to form E-vista Techonologies, a new outfit aiming to introduce the e*Sprint products to Metro Manila. With this, Ng hopes to successfully penetrate the Metro Manila market, one of the toughest challenges for a provincial-based IT business.

Not one to sit on his laurels, Ng attributes part of his success to his stable of IT professionals. What he instills is “the feeling that this is not only a job, but also a responsibility.”

He acknowledges the dynamism of his business, saying “there are twin challenges in the computer business. The hardware side is very competitive, margins are getting slimmer, and many products are getting commoditized. The software side presents a potential. However, there is a need to convince the local market to pay a good price for quality service and technical expertise.”

Ng, at 39, does not yet consider his life a success story. His philosophy in life sums his idea of success: “I may be a learned scholar, a successful businessman, or a good father/husband, but until I am all three, I have not succeeded.”

He is looking forward to that day in the future when he will be truly successful.


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